Neebing Roadhouse Locally Owned & Operated


Cold Hors D’Oeuvre and Canapés (prices per dozen)

Minimum 1 dozen per order
Tomato salad on a stick with balsamic drizzle – $18
Grape tomato bruschetta on goat cheese crostini – $18
Strawberries filled with pepper and lemon cheese – $18
Avocado and goat cheese crostini with sundried tomatoes – $18
Mango salad rolls with basil & pickled ginger – $18

Prosciutto wrapped Bocconcini with basil oil & balsamic drizzle – $20
Dates filled with Almond Goat Cheese wrapped in Bacon – $18
Pork tenderloin, pineapple & mint chutney in curried profiteroles – $22
Shaved roast beef with port reduced mushrooms & onion served on light rye canapés – $18
Genoa salami, roasted peppers, blue cheese – $18
Chicken Terrine, olive, sundried tomato – $22

Smoked salmon with dill cream cheese on potato latke – $22
Smoked salmon wraps with fresh asparagus & cream cheese – $22
Atlantic smoked salmon canapé with lemon caper cream – $22
Steeped tiger prawns with coconut passion fruit dip – $20
Scallop ceviche, chilies & lime – $22
Tartlets with shrimp & cucumber – $18
Lobster rolls with dill – $36

Hot Hors D’Oeuvre and Canapés (prices per dozen)

Minimum 1 dozen per order
Thai vegetable spring rolls with peanut dip – $18
Seared shiitake mushroom spring rolls with mandarin dip – $18
Wild mushroom tarts – $18
Samosas filled with curried vegetables, yogurt dipping sauce – $18
Mini quiche with spinach & herb cheese – $18

Chicken satay with peanut-mint dipping sauce – $18
Chicken tikki masala satay – $18
Local beef sliders with dijonnaise and Provolone cheese – $22
Mini quiche with bacon & cheddar – $18
Seared beef tenderloin on onion potato cake with balsamic reduction – $26
Taj Mahal lamb skewers with mango & curried cilantro dip – $20
Pulled ancho pork with sweet potato corn bread – $18
Swedish meatballs with mushroom sauce – $18

Bacon wrapped scallops – $28
Butter-poached lobster sliders with béarnaise – $32
Grilled coconut & passion fruit prawns – $22
Blackened shrimp, mango salsa – $22
Petit Fish & Chips – $22
Norwegian fish cakes with caramelized onions – $20

Plated Dinners

Starters, soups, and Mains must be pre-ordered 5 days in advance of event. Priced per person

Norwegian Haddock Fish Cakes with Apple Dill Chutney – $8
Orange & Hoisin Glazed Scallops with Citrus & Ginger Sauce – $9
Gingered Spring Rolls with Chili Mandarin Sauce – $8
White Corn Quesadillas, Chilies, Smoked Gouda – $9

Carrot & Ginger Soup with Onion Crisps – $5
Roasted Red Pepper Bisque, Goat Cheese Beignet – $6
Caramelized French Onion Soup ‘En Croute’ – $8.50

Green Salad with Grape Tomatoes, English Cucumber, Dried Cranberry and feta with Balsamic Vinaigrette – $5
Baby Romaine Leaves, Pancetta, Lemon Confit, Roasted Garlic Dressing – $6

Roast Turkey, Brioche & Dried Cranberry Dressing  – $28
Boursin Cheese & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast – $25
Salmon Filet with Honey Red Pepper Chipotle Cream – $26
Rosemary Crusted Rack of Lamb with Braised Shallots – $29
Roast Prime Rib Au Jus – $33
Chicken Supreme Filled with Wild Mushroom, Thyme & Garlic Demi-Glaze – $28
Pepper-Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Forest Mushroom Ragout – $29
Soya Marinated Pork Loin with Red Currant & Ginger Sauce – $25
Seared Digby Scallops, Braised Bacon, Squash Puree – $27
10 oz New York Strip, Teriyaki glaze, sautéed mushrooms – $30

Served with Chef’s Choice Potatoes & Fresh Seasonal Vegetables


Domestic & Imported Cheese Tray with Grapes & Crackers
Sm $55 (serves 10-15 people)
Med $90 (serves 20-35 people)
Lg $145 (serves 36-60 people)

Wheel of brie baked with cranberry port chutney, served with sliced baguette & crackers
$100 (serves 25-30 people)

Market fresh vegetable tray served with lightly curried dip, sour cream & herb dip or cream cheese and chili dip
Sm $35 (serves 10-15 people)
Med $50 (serves 20-35 people)
Lg $70 (serves 35-60 people)

Sliced seasonal fresh fruit tray
Sm $40 (serves 10-15 people)
Med $70 (serves 20-35 people)
Lg $90 (serves 35-60 people)

Assorted Cold Meat Tray
Thinly sliced roast beef, smoked turkey, Black Forest ham and sliced chicken breast served with mustard pickles, bread and rolls
Sm $60
Lg $125

Mediterranean grilled vegetables served with garlic aioli and sliced focaccia
$150 (serves 15-20 people)

Antipasto platter with grilled and marinated vegetables, Italian meats and cheeses served with foccacia and aioli
$225 (serves 15-20 people)

Sliced Nova Scotia smoked salmon board with cream cheese, capers and red onions served with pumpernickel, crackers and sliced baguette
Sm $100
Lg $180

Family Style #1
Tossed Garden Greens
Dinner Rolls & Butter
Penne Rigate in Tomato Sauce with meatballs
Pan Seared Mushroom Chicken
Sweet Glazed Baby Carrots
Roasted Baby Potatoes
Coffee & Tea
$26.00 per person

Family Style #2
Tossed Garden Greens and Caesar Salad
Dinner Rolls & Butter
Choice of Three: (3) Penne Rigate in Tomato Sauce Served with Meatballs, Pan Seared Mushroom Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Maple BBQ baby back Rib, Broccoli Alfredo, Atlantic salmon
Choice of One (1): Sweet Glazed Baby Carrots, Medley of Vegetables, Green Beans Almandine
Choice of One (1): Roasted New Potato or Mashed Potatoes or White & Rice
Coffee and tea
$33.25 per person

Family Style #3
Tossed Garden Greens and Caesar Salad
Dinner Rolls & Butter
Choice of Three: (3) Lobster Ravioli in saffron cream sauce, Beef Tenderloin Medallions with red brandy jus, Chicken supreme stuffed with prosciutto and goat cheese, Duck 2 Ways, Dijon crusted Pork Tenderloin, Pan Fried Sea Bass, broiled lobster tail, Lamb Lollypops
Choice of One (1): Agave Glazed Baby Carrots or Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
Choice of One (1): Roasted New Potato or Mashed Potatoes or Twice Baked Potato or Mushroom Risotto
Coffee and tea
$46.00 per person

All menu items are subject to applicable sales taxes.